About Our Work

Our Motto

creating awareness to all,so as to strengthen the powerless and to build all with the knowledge and encouragement to carry on no matter what.
The joy of every parents is to witness their children progress, we aim to elevate, empower and build parents and children to stand on their own without doubt and discouragement, in our society and within the communities.
In our society today, people stag Autism, Epilepsy and adha. As disability but we don’t, this is because all children are the Same but all have different needs and things in every stages of life.
What is normal? Normal is what the society tags the characters to be, which is; personality and temperament disposition. Eg, personality and temperament are expected to measure up to the normal.
But we see individuals that their potential can be enhanced to get to a greater height in their personal life journey.

Our Core Value


We educate everyone to understand what Autism is all about and to share our experience with parents and carers with special needs children.


We Empower parents and carers not to be ashamed of their children but to love and care/support their children.


Building parents and carers with special needs children to be independent.


We Support parents and carers through financial needs and hard times.


Motivating parents and carers to look after themselves, eat well, organised outings to help ease their stress.


Encouraging parents and carers not to bother about what the society thinks or say about children or with the tag among their peers.


We help the parents and carers to keep positive mind and to be happy at all times when dealing with their special needs children to help strengthen the mind of their children.

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